Typo in the po file

Ambrose Li ambrose.li at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 02:35:07 EDT 2009

2009/7/30 Mark Doliner <mark at kingant.net>:
> On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 7:16 PM, John Bailey<rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org> wrote:
>> Mark Doliner wrote:
>>>>>>>> It's in ./pidgin/gtkblist-theme.c:
>>>>>>>>        pspec = g_param_spec_pointer("layout", _("Layout"),
>>>>>>>>                        _("The layout of icons, name, and status of the
>>>>>>>> blist"),
>>>>>>>>                        G_PARAM_READWRITE);
>>>>>>> Oh, but where does this text appear in Pidgin?
>>>>>> I don't think it's intended to be UI visible, I am unsure if they need
>>>>>> to be translated, except maybe if we somehow generate documentation from
>>>>>> that? (not that we translate the api doc anyway)
>> These strings are not user visible.  They are informational strings for
>> developers.  Some projects split these entries off into their own separate po
>> files; we don't have any such infrastructure in place (should we?), so they land
>> in the regular po files.  These strings can be used to generate documentation,
>> but I don't recall the specifics of it.  Gary or Justin should know more about
>> this than I do.
> Well, for reference there are 30 strings marked for translation in
> that file that may never be seen by a human, let alone one who doesn't
> speak English.  We should determine if it's useful to developers for
> us to translate those strings, or if there is so much other stuff in
> English that the developer is going to need to know English anyway.
> -Mark

I strongly suspect that these strings are not "not user visible",
especially if no labels are found in the theme editor and you can't
have a theme editor with dozens of unlabelled things to edit. It looks
suspiciously like the theme editor is reading these "informational
strings" from whatever data structure pidgin internally uses and
presenting them to the user as labels.


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