Typo in the po file

Paul Aurich paul at darkrain42.org
Thu Jul 30 02:59:57 EDT 2009

On Jul 29, 2009, at 23:35, Ambrose Li wrote:
> 2009/7/30 Mark Doliner <mark at kingant.net>:
>> On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 7:16 PM, John Bailey<rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org 
>> > wrote:
>>> Mark Doliner wrote:
>>>>>>>>> It's in ./pidgin/gtkblist-theme.c:
>>>>>>>>>        pspec = g_param_spec_pointer("layout", _("Layout"),
>>>>>>>>>                        _("The layout of icons, name, and  
>>>>>>>>> status of the
>>>>>>>>> blist"),
>>>>>>>>>                        G_PARAM_READWRITE);
>>>>>>>> Oh, but where does this text appear in Pidgin?
>>>>>>> I don't think it's intended to be UI visible, I am unsure if  
>>>>>>> they need
>>>>>>> to be translated, except maybe if we somehow generate  
>>>>>>> documentation from
>>>>>>> that? (not that we translate the api doc anyway)
>>> These strings are not user visible.  They are informational  
>>> strings for
>>> developers.  Some projects split these entries off into their own  
>>> separate po
>>> files; we don't have any such infrastructure in place (should  
>>> we?), so they land
>>> in the regular po files.  These strings can be used to generate  
>>> documentation,
>>> but I don't recall the specifics of it.  Gary or Justin should  
>>> know more about
>>> this than I do.
>> Well, for reference there are 30 strings marked for translation in
>> that file that may never be seen by a human, let alone one who  
>> doesn't
>> speak English.  We should determine if it's useful to developers for
>> us to translate those strings, or if there is so much other stuff in
>> English that the developer is going to need to know English anyway.
>> -Mark
> I strongly suspect that these strings are not "not user visible",
> especially if no labels are found in the theme editor and you can't
> have a theme editor with dozens of unlabelled things to edit. It looks
> suspiciously like the theme editor is reading these "informational
> strings" from whatever data structure pidgin internally uses and
> presenting them to the user as labels.
> -- 
> cheers,
> -ambrose

I agree, it does look like a number of them are used in the theme  
editor (~line 275 in themeedit.c), although the particular one that  
started this thread does not appear to be used.


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