Updated list of items blocking Pidgin 2.6.0 release

Andrea Piccinelli frasten at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 03:36:06 EDT 2009

Il 05/06/2009 03:34, John Bailey ha scritto:
> Hey, guys,
> Just thought I'd share the most up-to-date list of items I'm considering
> blockers for 2.6.0.
> Tickets: #2111, #3319, #5876, #6589, #6691, #7605, #8628, #8691, #8727.

Since rev b7a9a556a47e7f06d11e8fcdee75a6bd4b164de3 in 2.6.0 introduces a new
cache for animated smileys and allows to save them, but NOT adding (still added
as png), could #9066 be considered? It completes the new management of animated
smileys, without leaving things half done in a new minor release.

Thank you!
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