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Mon Jun 8 05:27:40 EDT 2009

> In ICQ can you allow someone to see you even if he is not in your
> buddy list? If the answer is no, then it acts as XMPP subscription and
> can be a field for the buddy, if the answer is yes, then a new buddy
> list "visible people" would be needed.

Apart from buddy list, ICQ has three lists: visible list, invisible list and
block list. Whereas visible and invisible lists deal with controlling the
presence information, the block list deals with messages. An ICQ UIN can has
following settings:

   - Visible (same as not choosing any setting ?)– receives both messages
   and presence
   - Invisible – receives messages, but not presence
   - Visible + Block – receives presence, but not messages
   - Invisible + Block -- doesn't receive messages or presence

ICQ also supports being invisible to everyone irrespective of above
settings, accepting messages only from the contacts and sharing presence
with ICQ and web users.

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