Updated list of items blocking Pidgin 2.6.0 release

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at gmx.net
Tue Jun 9 07:15:10 EDT 2009


Ka-Hing Cheung schrieb:
> On Sat, 2009-06-06 at 00:16 -0400, John Bailey wrote:
>> An additional item that has cropped up that I want to consider a blocker is that
>> our friends over at Adium have discovered.  Due to their current beta series
>> shipping libpurple 2.6.0devel, we've been getting some good testing in on the
>> Yahoo 16 code.  The problem is they have users who have HTTP proxies that do not
>> proxy HTTPS connections.  This means that our current proxy code fails because
>> HTTP proxies seem also to be used for HTTPS.  As a result, a number of Adium
>> users who were able to log in with our old auth code can no longer do so.  We
>> probably need a way to explicitly indicate to the proxy code that we shouldn't
>> use an HTTP proxy for an HTTPS connection (but this needs to be a flag--some
>> proxies can and do proxy HTTPS), but I'm open to any suggestions.
> There are more complicated scenarios as well, for example some setups
> only allow certain domains to be proxied. I think it's hard to
> workaround that other than have some way for the user to enter a
> blacklist of domains/ports.
Something I'd like to add here (though I'm not sure, if this affects
Yahoo as well, but does for sure affect MSN):
My company introduced a proxy which only allows HTTP and HTTPs. Other
ports are available as direct connections. When logging into MSN, Pidgin
first connects to messenger.hotmail.com on port 1863 and after that to
login.live.com on 443.
As the current proxy config only allows to either specify a proxy or
specify no proxy either the connect to login.live.com or
messenger.hotmail.com failed.

Yes I know, such setup doesn't make that much sense, but that's how it
was (after some nice hints now the proxy is transparent...). I just want
to mention it though I'm completly OK with ignoring such weird setups ;)


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