Deprecated purple_presence_add_list() and purple_presence_add_status()

Felix Kerekes sttwister at
Tue Jun 9 13:56:05 EDT 2009

Right now those 2 functions are marked as deprecated because they're not in
use. It makes sense since status types are usually returned as a static list
in the initialisation phase and there's no need to alter them later on.

However, the Telepathy prpl brings in some complications due to the
asynchronous way of working. When buddies are read from blist.xml, purple
attempts to call status_types for a prpl that is not yet loaded, so buddies
are left without any available statuses. The prpl would need to check for
those buddies and add the statuses manually, therefore I propose to
reintroduce these functions. Or is there any other solution?
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