Deprecated purple_presence_add_list() and purple_presence_add_status()

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Jun 29 03:13:24 EDT 2009

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 10:56 AM, Felix Kerekes<sttwister at> wrote:
> Right now those 2 functions are marked as deprecated because they're not in
> use. It makes sense since status types are usually returned as a static list
> in the initialisation phase and there's no need to alter them later on.
> However, the Telepathy prpl brings in some complications due to the
> asynchronous way of working. When buddies are read from blist.xml, purple
> attempts to call status_types for a prpl that is not yet loaded, so buddies
> are left without any available statuses. The prpl would need to check for
> those buddies and add the statuses manually, therefore I propose to
> reintroduce these functions. Or is there any other solution?

(This is a late response, but...)  That sounds like an acceptable
solution to me.  Our status API is definitely a little convoluted
right now.  Maybe we'll be able to find a way to simplify things in


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