Status report on the Telepathy prpl

Felix Kerekes sttwister at
Mon Jun 15 19:20:49 EDT 2009

Hey all,

Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with the Telepathy prpl
project of this year's GSoC. I guess I've got it to a state where it's
functional enough to perform at least basic IM actions. Text messaging,
statuses, groups, aliasing, avatars etc should work by now. It's not as
stable as I'd like it to be, there are some crashes and known issues now and
then, but that's no the point :P You can see what works/is implemented and
also some known issues at

It would be really great if you could try and install it and play a little
with it, you might have some ideas and suggestions I haven't thought of or
find some unknown issues. You can find the code in the
im.pidgin.soc.2009.telepathy mtn branch. If you really are that cool and
want to try my code, you should read on to save you from some trouble.

The main problem maker is the asynchronous way of working when using
Telepathy. This causes the following problem: the actual plugin is not yet
fully loaded when libpurple initialises. This apparently breaks some things,
one of which is related to all accounts using the prpl. These accounts are
not functional because they try to use some functions of the plugin that is
not yet loaded, but are attempted to be fixed by the prpl when that plugin
has finished loading. After getting connected, there shouldn't be any
problem though.

Thanks for listening, see you,
 - sttwister
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