Not-so-subtle reminder about blockers

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Jun 15 23:52:07 EDT 2009

Since there has been zero activity on the four remaining patches since Paul and
Elliott worked through the list of blockers over a week ago, I thought I'd
remind everyone of the looming deadline.

The current list of patches blocking 2.6.0 is: #3319, #5876, #8628, and #8691.
As I stated in my previous thread, if these patches are not rejected, accepted,
or moved to the "Patches Needing Improvement" milestone with some sort of
feedback for the patch author, I WILL commit these patches regardless of whether
or not they break our API and ABI compatibility and whether or not the resulting
tree compiles.  I will also continue to reapply the patches if anyone decides to
'mtn disapprove' them instead of fixing the problems this creates.

The deadline for reviewing these patches is 2009-06-26, which is just barely
over 10 days away.  Again, REVIEW THESE PATCHES NOW.

There is one other blocker now, proposed by Paul.  That item is #9345.  It was
previously my understanding that he had fixed this already, but it clearly needs
to be resolved before we can kick 2.6.0 out the door, otherwise we're just going
to see more pontlessly duplicated tickets.


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