[ANN] msn-pecan 0.0.19 released

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 05:34:37 EDT 2009


This is mostly a bugfix release. Everyone is encouraged to update
since many critical bugs were fixed, now stability should be very much
improved, and also a vulnerability was fixed.

But there are features too (thanks to Devid), there's support for "now
playing" (ported from libpurple), and a new way to be notified when a
contact has deleted you (you'll see on the conversation window). Also,
some issues in Adium were fixed, so we will probably roll an Adium
build with msn-pecan enabled.

I've been busy with other projects so I have not been able to work as
much as I would have wanted, but all in all, this is a good release.

I've updated my system so it might take a while before the win32
binaries are uploaded, anyone willing to take this one?

Grab it from the usual places:

Enjoy ;)

Bugs fixed:
 * 99 Unable to retrieve display pictures when invisible or logged as invisible
 * 109 Protocol priority
 * 120 Aliases not cleared properly
 * 133 pidgin crashed with SIGSEGV in msn_message_destroy()
 * 154 Pidgin Randomly Crashes
 * 135 russian translation doesn't work

 * 140 Support for "Now Playing" status field
 * 129 Can't verify installation, or uninstall
 * 124 Notify when deleted by a contact

 * 121 Make dbg package for the launchpad repo

105 files changed, 1295 insertions(+), 749 deletions(-)

Contributors to this release:
Albert Cervin (1):
      po: update Swedish translation

Devid Antonio Filoni (14):
      Fix use_userdisplay option using Adium.
      Translate msn-pecan also using Adium.
      Fix use server alias option
      Move utils/msgplustags.{c,h} to pecan_util.{c,h}.
      Update COPYRIGHT.
      Add PURPLE_STATUS_TUNE support and parse contacts's CurrentMedia.
      Update MsnClientCaps in msn.h.
      Add "Has Space" to get_info.
      Show "You are not in A's contact list" message opening a conv
window if needed.
      Set the passport also to session->user.
      ab/pecan_contact.c: cleanup.
      slp: destroy object at the right time
      po: update Italian translation

Elias Julkunen (1):
      po: update Finnish translation

Felipe Contreras (44):
      Cleanup login steps.
      Show up 'connecting' state.
      session: Cleanups.
      Trivial cleanups.
      Cleanup configuration stuff.
      session: Random cleanups.
      Remove bad Russian translation.
      cmdproc: trivial cleanup
      slpcall: avoid extra error cb call
      status: trivial cleanups
      status: improve "available" state mapping
      Trivial cleanups
      userdisplay: report failure
      Log general server notifications
      Makefile: add debugging symbols by default
      session: destroy ud manager after freeing slplinks
      contact: store pecan status instead of pidgin one
      Reorganize how bad statuses are handled
      notification: store user state
      contaclist: add function foreach_contact
      Get user displays when returning from 'hidden' state
      status: trivial cleanup
      contact: use "invisible" for the HIDDEN status
      Use pidgin mobile status only when offline
      Update copyright notices
      command: trivial cleanups
      command: remove unused refcount
      command: general cleanups
      contact: enable workaround for server aliases
      fix_purple: trivial cleanups
      fix_purple: rename purple_buddy_set functions
      Reorganize switchboard handling.
      Close the http node when not needed.
      Make sure the switchboard is not freed when it's still used by slplink.
      transaction: trivial cleanup
      transaction: add ref/unref
      Properly ref/unref transactions
      transaction: fix initial ref_count
      sb: set error properly
      Fix wrong memory access
      Optimize GType retrieval
      Fix SLP DATA message creation
      po: general translation updates
      Bump version to 0.0.19

Geoffrey Antos (1):
      slplink: fix buffer overflow vulnerability

Luís Neto (1):
      po: update Portuguese translation

Wei Hsiang Hung (1):
      po: update Traditional Chinese translation

Felipe Contreras

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