libpurple: IM buddy list size limitation

Cristian Mircioiu crimir at
Thu Jun 18 06:30:26 EDT 2009

We have an application that maintains a list of buddies ( from yahoo, gtalk,
aim, etc ).
All users from the list have the application bot added to their buddy list.

In order to send messages to them, our libpurple bot has all users added as
well on its buddy list.
But on Yahoo for example, there is a limit on how many buddies you can have
on the list ( 1000 or so ). This obviously is a limitation for us.

We are thinking of removing the user from our list after they added us
theirs, to overcome this limit.

My question is: is it possible with libpurple to send a message to a buddy
that added us on their contact list but which doesn't exist on our list
anymore ?

If not possible because of libpurple ( or maybe because of the particular
network, like gtalk ), any advice of what can be done ?

Thank you,

I play - your network of enemies
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