Next Pidgin release

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Jun 19 15:07:13 EDT 2009

The Yahoo prpl in 2.5.6 isn't working so hot right now.  We should
probably released a patched version of Pidgin.  Should this be 2.5.7
or 2.6.0?

2.5.7 cons: We'd have to merge Sulabh's yahoo branch into the 2.5.6
branch, right?  That seems somewhat risky, since the merged code
wouldn't get a lot of testing before it gets released.  I don't know
if it adds API or requests anything that's new in 2.6.0.

2.6.0 cons:
* I know John had some patches and branches he wanted to get into
2.6.0.  I imagine some of them add API.  If that's the case then we'd
have to bump the version up to 2.7.0 when we merge them in.  I'm
absolutely ok with that--we should not be constrained by our
versioning system, the version number should reflect our desires.
* No translation updates.  We could release 2.6.0 with no translation
updates then release 2.6.1 a week or two later with updated


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