Not-so-subtle reminder about blockers

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri Jun 26 21:08:45 EDT 2009

John Bailey wrote:
> The deadline for reviewing these patches is 2009-06-26, which is just barely
> over 10 days away.  Again, REVIEW THESE PATCHES NOW.

Today is the deadline.  We have one remaining patch to act on that is a blocker.
 That patch is #3319.  I believe at least three of us have agreed on an
acceptible solution here.  Someone needs to act on that agreement.  I will leave
this until I wake up tomorrow, at which point if nothing is done, I will carry
out on my earlier threats with respect to unhandled blocking patches.

> There is one other blocker now, proposed by Paul.  That item is #9345.  It was
> previously my understanding that he had fixed this already, but it clearly needs
> to be resolved before we can kick 2.6.0 out the door, otherwise we're just going
> to see more pontlessly duplicated tickets.

There hasn't been any activity on this recently.  This is a pretty annoying
crash for those who experience it, so this needs to be fixed ASAP.


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