Moving Buddies from one group to other

anand arun anand.arun at
Mon Jun 29 01:34:19 EDT 2009


The help page for Pidgin says that :

      How can I move buddies/chats into another group?

    * Select the buddy/chat you want to move in the buddylist.
    * Press 't' to tag the buddy/chat. You can tag more than one
      buddy/chat at the same time if you want.
    * Select the buddy/group you want to move the tagged buddies to.
    * Press 'a' to attach. The buddies will be attached to the selected
      contact. The chats will be attached to the current group

However, pressing the 't' does not tag the buddy. It simply opens up the
search box. And if I drag-drop the buddy from 1 group to another then it
comes back to the first group when I log off and log into Pidgin. This 
issue is being faced by many users. 

Please provide a solution for it and update the help page to have the 
correct information.


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