Google Summer of Code

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Mar 4 02:58:07 EST 2009

Hey, we want to participate in Google Summer of Code again this year,
right?  Unless I hear lots of people say no, I'll plan on filling out
the mentor organization form for us on March 9th (unless someone else
particularly wants to be the admin?).  And we should be putting
potential ideas up at

Also, if you're listed as a developer or a crazy patch writer in our
About window, please consider being a mentor!  It's not too hard, you
basically guide someone new to the world of open source.  Show them
how to check out our source code, advise them on making small atomic
commits, suggest improvements in coding style, help them interact with
the rest of us, answer their questions, etc.  If it sounds scary
because you're a programmer and you don't want to have to interact
with people, don't worry!  Everyone else here programs and we're all
crappy at interacting with people.

Assuming we're accepted to the program this year, I'll send out
another email later and ask interested mentors to contact me.


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