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Eric Polino aluink at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 02:18:56 EST 2009

So I'm interested working on the gobjectification of purple as a GSoC
project this summer.  As suggested by Sadrul, I've started working on
a small bit to show I'm capable of doing it.  So I started working on
PurpleConversation, but decided it was too big to just do a starter
like this.  So I went looking for a smaller module and settled on
PurplePounce.  I did some work tonight and would like to know what you
all think.

Attached you'll find a patch to the current head of
i.p.gobjectification.  I based what I was doing on libgnt, which I'm
relatively familiar with from my work with Finch.  I also used the
GObject docs at gnome.org (where would anyone be without their docs
right ;).  So anyhow, I'm quite confident I'm capable of doing this,
I'm just a little rusty.  It compiles, and doesn't seem to crash.
Though, I was working on this very late and wasn't able to talk find
anyone alive to test some pounces.  I was able to add some...well,
when I added them, it didn't crash, but without anyone to test I
really can't know if they were _really_ added.  Which in itself is a
good start right ;)  Maybe tomorrow I'll find some people to test them


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