Finch: A couple of patches for anyone interested

dave at dave at
Fri Mar 6 10:56:56 EST 2009

I made a couple of patches for Finch to fix one problem and one slight
annoyance (maybe only for me though).

The problem was that buddy status indicators show as '?' in linux tty
console, even though it is set for utf-8 and using a font that prints € £
and accented characters etc. I haven't yet found any font that prints
these status symbols correctly, so the patch changes the symbols to +, x
and '.':

The annoyance for me was using seconds in the chat timestamps when HH:MM
should suffice.

If anyone finds these useful they are very welcome to use them. If these
changes get implemented in Finch I would of course be overjoyed but that
is a matter for the devs :-)

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		-- Winston Churchill
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