Google Summer of Code

Gregor Dick igregord at
Sat Mar 7 15:26:32 EST 2009

John Bailey wrote:
> I'd really like to get the native win32 UI project going this year if we have a
> good applicant.  I'm hoping that starting the project will spark interest in the
> Windows-inclined developers out there.


I'm also considering throwing my hat into the ring for the Win32 UI
task. My name is Gregor Dick and I'm a final-year undergraduate
mathematics student at the University of Edinburgh. I would propose to
implement the UI using the Win32 API directly, Petzold-style, without
using any particular framework.

I realise that this deviates from the recommendations of MFC and .NET on
the wiki, but I suggest it partly because it's what I'm familiar with,
but also because it would allow the front-end to be integrated into the
existing build system and built with MinGW, without any need for MSVC.

As far as I'm aware there hasn't been any concrete discussion regarding
particular requirements for a Win32 front-end, for instance in which
respects, if any, it should attempt to be self-consciously Pidgin-ish.
If there's any established opinion on such matters, I'd be grateful if
someone could please point it out so that I can work it into my proposal
and prototype when the period for applications begins.

I look forward to submitting my proposal and hearing back from you when
the time comes. Thanks!

-Gregor Dick

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