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Sulabh Mahajan sulabh.dev at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 01:26:18 EDT 2009

> I take a class of Open Source Development this semester and find it is very
> funny.


> we have so many contacts for a single messenger. It is hard to recognize
> the contact who chat you (Is it from MSN, ICQ or QQ?). All the contacts in
> this software are in the same style. Can we make some changes to distinguish
> them?

Try, Buddies > Show > Protocol Icons

> Also, we cannot change status separately. If we want to show online status
> in MSN and want to show invisible status, they will conflict. Can we make
> some changes? I hope this ideal is useful to you.

Try, "Use a different status for some accounts", which you will find in new
status window.

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