Main BList vs Accessors

Eric Polino aluink at
Sun Mar 15 19:36:27 EDT 2009

So I'm working on writing setters and getters for the ui_data members
in blist.  The current implementation of the blist module has a main
PurpleBuddyList* that purple_blist_[get|set]_ui_data work with.  What
names should I then use for working with a given PurpleBuddyList*?
There doesn't seem to be a clearcut way of working with them.
Gntblist has a bunch of methods it uses to manipulate its list, while
gtkblist seems to do it quite differently (my knowledge of gntblist is
better than that of gtkblist, clearly).

There seems to be a conflicting set of ways PurpleBuddyList objects
are to be used.  Are clients to only rely on the one stored in the
blist module in purple, or does purple support allowing more than one
list?  If we only want to allow working with the main list, then why
provide accessor methods at all?  On the other hand, if we want to
allow more than one list, we want to rid the main list, or other
ideas?  Anyhow, I'm rambling on, if someone can give me some direction
as to how we want to deal with this in the context of hiding the
structs, I can implement it.


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