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Tran The Anh anhtt.k48ca at
Wed Mar 18 03:15:52 EDT 2009

I have another idea to improve Pidgin (not sure if someone's working on it
or done it already)

It's is about (Advanced) History Plugin for Pidgin.
As we know, Pidgin store logs in local file system, then it's quite messy
for people who use a few computers at a few places like me (one at office, 2
at home, some in others places..)
I also knew we can synchronize our logs by rsync or something but it costs
quite lot: permission to install and run cronjob and rsync (some computers
we don't belong to us).

So I think it's really good if we have a plugin which stores our logs on a
server somewhere on the Internet instead of our local file system.
But I don't want to use a dedicated server to store files. It's by far too
complicated. So I want to use a free storage account such as gmail or to store them.

To sum up, I want a plugin which can store my logs in a free storage account
such as gmail or
I'm quite busy recently, so it would be great if there's someone make my
wish come true =)

Best luck,
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