GSoC ideas

Jan Kaluza hanzz.k at
Fri Mar 20 11:16:04 EDT 2009

I have two ideas for summer of code and I would like to send it to
mailing list before submiting the application.

1) I'm the developer of Libpurple's based XMPP (Jabber) transport.
It's written in C++ and uses Libpurple and Gloox XMPP library. The
transport has been originally written only for ICQ protocol. So there
is everything hardcoded for ICQ protocol and there are implemented for
example only few purple_requests which ICQ transport needs to run.
Also the source code is in poor condition, because I've started
working on it when I was learning C++ and I'm rewriting it just now in
order to look better and to keep the standards of coding style (this
should be done before summer of code). Goal of this project should be
to enable using of all protocols which Libpurple offers and implement
features like groupchat, filetransfer (partly finished in the current
version of transport) and all features which are accessible through
extended menus and depends on used protocol.

Many XMPP transports are unmaintained (there isn't for example any icq
transport which can handle for example 700 users and it's actively
developed), so this project could be very helpful for jabber

I know it's not project which is trying to improve Libpurple, Pidgin
or Finch, but It could be another great application where Libpurple
can play main role. For Libpurple it could be good way how to test or
improve Libpurple's performance with big buddy list and lot of

2) My second idea is to create Qt UI for Libpurple. I don't know if
this is acceptable project for Pidgin community, but I think Libpurple
was designed with idea to have more UIs which share the same library,
so they don't need to "reinvent the wheel". It should not be
replacement of Pidgin, but just another client for users who don't
like GTK and want some client, which can be integrated with KDE or
other systems where Qt and Libpurple works. I think I have knowledges
to do it, because I'm developing Jabber client called Jabbim which
uses Qt (I don't want to continue with Jabbim in the future, because
it's written in Python and I'm not interested in this language any
more) and I also know Libpurple because of XMPP - libpurple transport.

So if somebody is interested in my ideas or want to ask something, let
me know. I would be also happy to hear if this projects are suitable
for summer of code.

Best Regards
Jan "HanzZ" Kaluza

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