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I am

Ruturaj Dhekane
Final Year Under Grad.
Computer Science And Engineering,
National Institute Of Technology, Nagpur

I would like to apply to Pidgin for GSoc 2009
I wanted to suggest an Idea for project.

Pidgin is one of the most used chat client presently available. It gives
connectivity to some of the most used chat protocols in the world. There are
many features unique to Pidgin. I myself use it for all my IM needs.

One feature I would like to see in pidgin is of playing games.
A Pidgin Chat window could be a "sandbox" for a two player game. example
"Tic Tac Toe". Consider the game being played inside a window, or as an
application outside. The mouse movements/clicks can be marshaled as specific
application oriented chat strings and sent across to the other IM user.

A challenge would be to implement the application for individuals chatting
on any network, distinct network, or same ones, and allow app to app/ window
to window game mode, if they are "both running Pidgin".

Also an API would be provided to let more programmers develop more
applications of their choice.

This could be a popular plugin into Pidgin. Game applications could vary
from "tic tac toe" to a game of chess". The use of Pidgin to sandbox these
applications, and run them on its communication protocol can be a novel
implementation. Though this does mean lack of interoperability between
pidgin and other Clients for gaming, this could be Pidgins Own special
plugin, like many other it has.

I would like to know from te mentors regarding the feasibility and
eligibility of this project for the GSoc. Further suggestions would also
make my ideas clearer, stronger so that I can draft a more clear application
than one sketched above.

At the same time, Can I know what type of projects the Pidgin organization
is expecting, so that in case this Idea doesn't get accepted I can try to
think of a new one.

I am strong in C/C++ Python programing with many years of experience. I have
worked on many self projects (application as well as research oriented), and
pretty strong in coding.
This is my first open source attempt.


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