Adding new accounts to Finch using software

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Tue Mar 24 13:21:55 EDT 2009

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 08:55:53AM +0800, enst wrote:
> Hi,
> do you have d-bus API manual?
> I know d-bus can be used to sign in an account or send message to a buddy.
> when the IM received a message, can a d-bus client get it, and how to do?
> I also want to make chat bot.
> thank you.

The libpurple DBus API is the C api with simple name translations of the form
purple_something_foo -> PurpleSomethingFoo.

    purple_account_new -> PurpleAccountNew
    purple_savedstatus_activate -> PurpleSavedstatusActivate

I believe all of the libpurple signals are exported over dbus and as such
can be listened for. Though they cannot be responded to in the same way
they can be responded to via plugins.


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