libpurple crashing since 18 months

Thorsten sendmail at
Tue Mar 24 23:39:42 EDT 2009

I am tired and frustrated. I am using libpurple since 18 months for a 
chatbot - which is a fun-project - and since 18 months libpurple is 
constantly crashing. And with every new version it becomes more worse. 
And I am tired of filing bug reports to the bug tracker and nothing is 

Except AIM, all protocols do crash. The MSN protocol is the worst: it 
crashes immediately when connecting. I looked at the sources and they 
are ugly. It seems some people have never heard that pointers can become 
NULL or that there might be side-effects in the code and that functions 
can return bad values, in addition it looks like there are also memory 
leaks. Of course my chatbot stresses libpurple by having many 
conversations at the same time and thousands of chats per day. But in 
fact it just reveals the bad quality of the libpurple code.

I disabled now all protocols except AIM and I wrote my own 
multi-threaded HTTP server, so people can chat with my fun-bot through a 
browser. However, people are used to chat with it through their 
messengers and are complaining now.

So the question is: Is there still hope that the bugs in libpurple will 
be fixed?

I am willing to assist as much as I can, but I have no interest in 
wasting my time by filing reports to the bug tracker and no one cares or 
cares after 4 months without any progress. Since my bot stresses 
libpurple, this is also a chance to reveal all weaknesses of libpurple 
and to make it bug-free. Every responsible programmer is welcome to 
contact me and to discuss bugs, backtraces and the values of parameters 
and variables with me in-depth, so the bugs can be fixed as quickly as 


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