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my name is Robson Mendonça, I'm a Brazilian programmer from Porto Alegre -

I get interested to develop the Web site translations for Pidgin. And I need
to know who's the mentor for this project, I need a little chat to
understand the needs of the Pidgin website, and develop the project.

I have some ideas to make this but I prefer to talk with someone first.

Thanks for your attention.
Web site translations

   - Produce a translation system for Pidgin's web site (at least the main
   static content)
   - Implement Language auto-selection (via browser "Accept-Language"
   - Use statically generated pages to avoid unnecessary server load and
   overhead (in other words, avoid pulling in the strings every time the page
   loads; only when they need to be regenerated)
   - Make use of existing technology such as gettext or similar web projects
   to allow translators to submit translations easily
   - Find a way to generate a translation template, identify or tag strings
   within pages.
   - Consider ways to provide translated versions of images and screen shots

   - This particular idea may not be sufficiently complex to span a summer
   and it may be worthwhile to combine it with other web site or
   internationalization improvements to Pidgin or some other type of larger

Robson Mendonça
CTO at LEC/UFRGS (Cognitive Studies Lab)
LEC - Laboratório de Estudos Cognitivos - UFRGS
Centro de Excelência Sun para Desenvolvimento de Soluções de TI para
Fundação Pensamento Digital -
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