GSoC 09 Project : Write a Native User Interface for Microsoft Windows Based on libpurple

Deepank Gupta deepankgupta at
Sat Mar 28 22:56:19 EDT 2009


Thanks for your feedback.

> I think overall we should have similar UI's, but with changes that
> better with Windows.

When you talk about changes that integrate better in Windows, are we also
looking for incorporating the newest features like jump lists and
multi-touch which could be enabled when Pidgin runs on Windows 7? Frankly, I
have not worked with Windows 7 SDK, but it seems really cool to me, and I
want to work with it... We could squeeze in some development using these
newer features later on when most of the work is done for brownie points
maybe ;).................

> Realistically, the Windows UI
> project isn't just an SoC project.  The idea is intended to get an
> developer started on it to launch the project and attract additional
> to continue the project after the SoC finishes.

Sounds good to me since I was a bit worried that I might not be able to test
it out with all versions of windows. I would love to be associated with and
help grow Pidgin.

> I'm opposed to .NET simply because the applications feel slow to me even
> brand-new hardware (although thankfully not as slow as Java).

I would like to disagree slightly(hoping I do not start a flame war.... It
is just my opinion and I do not know of any benchmarks to prove my point. )
According to me, Applications might have been slow in the past with the
lower versions of .NET. But, what I have heard is that .NET is optimized for
the hardware you are running on. Also, I was planning to make use of WPF
which I have read has more hardware assisted performance to the GUI than
WinForms. Also, going forward, I see Microsoft making significant
performance improvements to .Net so we will not be betting on a losing
technology. But, behind a technology that has a giant backing it.

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