GSoC 09 Project : Write a Native User Interface for Microsoft Windows Based on libpurple

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Mar 29 09:21:29 EDT 2009

Deepank Gupta wrote:
> When you talk about changes that integrate better in Windows, are we
> also looking for incorporating the newest features like jump lists and
> multi-touch which could be enabled when Pidgin runs on Windows 7?
> Frankly, I have not worked with Windows 7 SDK, but it seems really cool
> to me, and I want to work with it... We could squeeze in some
> development using these newer features later on when most of the work is
> done for brownie points maybe ;).................

I wouldn't worry about things like multi-touch as part of the SoC project.
Those features can come later; for the SoC, I think the most important things
are that we have a working implementation of UI for the request API and notify
API, and some sort of functioning buddy list and conversation window.  Windows 7
support can come once Windows 7 is released, as it's not really that important
to take advantage of new OS features before the OS is officially available.


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