GSoC 09 Project : Write a Native User Interface for Microsoft Windows Based on libpurple

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Mar 29 12:06:34 EDT 2009

Deepank Gupta wrote:
> Thanks John and Sadrul for comments. I will keep it in mind not to
> include it as part of proposal though I will work on it anyways ;).
> Just one last small query: There are many plugins written in GTK for
> PidGin... How to write the new GUI to port them over to Windows. I guess
> they will also need to be rewritten. I can work on providing a sample
> implementation and then ask the plugin writers to do their bit ... Or
> how should it be done??
> I will provide finishing touches to my proposal now and will ping back
> on this list when it is uploaded.

I don't think UI-specific plugins are important at this point.  Remember, for
SoC we're looking for basic functionality to start the larger project off.  You
can always add appropriate API for Windows UI-specific plugins later, and you
may even want to directly incorporate some features, such as popups similar to
Guifications and libnotify, instead of making them plugins.


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