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Yes this idea is very reasonable.  I agree it makes sense to translate
> Pidgin and our website using the same mechanism.  And Pidgin should of
> course definitely continue to use .po files.  I'm not sure it's
> necessary to "translate in place."  My personal preference would be to
> keep things as simple as possible, and I think the simplest solution
> might be for the website text to be put into .po files, and for
> translators to translate that text as they would any other text.

Yes, I agree and my intention is to maintaining as simple as possible,
without loose the opportunity to develop some original.
I was drawing some sketches over my first idea, but I think that some
changes will be made. So, we can keep the communication to get the right

Another thing I'm thinking is to not offer something so simple that it would
be disapproved by mentors. So, we can add something more, to make it more
complete and advantageous to Pidgin project.

> But I think it is important to ask our translators how they feel about
> this.  Would they be interested in translating our web site?  Have
> they translated other web sites before?  Would would be their ideal
> solution?

> Personally I do like the idea of translating things via a web
> interface.  And I also think an approval mechanism is important.  But
> I'm not convinced that writing our own is a good idea.  I think it
> would be better to use existing technology such as Launchpad[1], the
> Gnome Translation Project[2], or Pootle[3]

Oh yeah, I knew these projects, and my intentions are to make something more
simple than they. However,  the idea to use them as a tool for make
translation is reasonable, this way we don't need to assume the problems
involved with bug tracking and something related with software development

So, we can maintaining the focus on the translation of images and gettext
integration with the site and something more.

What are you thinking about the website improvements besides the
multi-language translation support?

After these e-mails, I believe that this project can be simple, as is said
in the projects Ideas. But I can assume something more related with Php,
Python and GTk development.


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