installing libpurple on windows xp

abctech Life.Is.IT at
Sun May 3 06:20:09 EDT 2009


I am looking to develop a PHP script which sends PMs to Yahoo and MSN
IM buddies. I am currently using xampp(Windows XP) to run my PHP

While googling I came across Pidgin and PHPurple. I downloaded both
the packages and installed Pidgin. Now I am trying to install PHPurple
on my system. However there is no dll available in the downloaded
package. But there is libpurple.dll present in the root directory of

I read this article to guide me with the installation procedure:

In order to user PHPurple, I need to install the phurple extension. I
have always used xampp to develop all my web applications, hence this
bit is a little tricky me.

I am not sure whether I should copy paste the libpurple.dll in the
xampp\php\ext directory and enable it by adding the following line to
my php.ini:
extension= libpurple.dll

and then restart my xampp service and that should allow me to work
with PHPurple or is there something more I need to do.

Can anyone help me out?


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