installing libpurple on windows xp

Kevin Stange kstange at
Sun May 3 07:01:55 EDT 2009

abctech wrote:
> I read this article to guide me with the installation procedure:

According to the instructions on that page, there are currently no
directions for configuring this on Windows, which means that you need to
figure out how to compile the Phurple bindings against libpurple on
Windows yourself.  The developer suggests by his wording he doesn't know
how to do this.  This is also not something we can support here since
Phurple is a third party project we know little about.

> I am not sure whether I should copy paste the libpurple.dll in the
> xampp\php\ext directory and enable it by adding the following line to
> my php.ini:
> extension= libpurple.dll

This won't work because libpurple is not a PHP extension.  It is certain
Phurple depends upon having libpurple present, but you are going to need
to compile the extension source from the Phurple distribution against a
build of the libpurple DLL in order for PHP to be able to utilize it,
and load the resulting DLL file in your php.ini


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