Patch to support multiple devices in NM 0.7

Christian Huff christian.huff at
Wed May 6 15:30:06 EDT 2009


4 days ago, I uploaded the 5th version of my patch to support multiple
devices in libpurple's NetworkManager integration. I found pidgin not
only to stall if you discoonect a device that might have been critial to
network connectivity but also if you connect one.

With the 5th version of the patch, libpurple will always disconnect and
connect if there is a change in the number of devices that are online. I
figured this scheme to be most reliable. Ultimately, this scheme makes
libpurple behave as if it was talking to an earlier version of
NetworkManager, where there was only one active device at any time and a
change of the active device would always result in reconnect actions by

The current code uses libnm_glib and reacts to devices added and removed
(such as USB dongles and bluetooth devices). It retains backwards
compatibility and should compile against earlier versions of NM.

It can be found at

I hope you find it as useful as I do!

Christian Huff (Pedric)

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