Yahoo version 16 authentication

Sulabh Mahajan at
Wed May 6 15:06:53 EDT 2009


I recently commited the code for yahoo ver 16 login procedure (link at the
bottom of the email).
I have removed the old login code and the associated files.
Removed the following files:
Updated the makefiles, told monotone to drop them.

Have modified to notify the user that in case ssl support is
not there, yahoo! wont be usable.

The uploaded code still prints the password in the debug logs, will be doing
something about it soon. Since I have updated the yahoo protocol version
from 15 to 16, please look for anything abnormal. Also it will be great if
someone can check if it works well with yahoo Japan. I haven't updated
client ids for yahoo Japan.

I have created im.pidgin.cpw.sulabh.yahoo_16 for uploading the code. Will be
using this branch for any yahoo related developments.

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