installing libpurple on windows xp

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Sat May 9 05:05:49 EDT 2009

Hi Kevin,

Thanks a lot for responding.

So basically, I won't be able to work with Phurple, at least not in my
current Windows environment :(
And in order to do that, I would first need to compile the Phurple
extension source.

To be honest, this is the very first time I am dabbling with third-
party PHP extensions and my knowledge about extensions is really very
limited to start with.

Anyhow, when I read the aforementioned tutorial, the very first lines
under the 'Installation' chapter said:

If you compile libpurple from scratch, you could use the following
configure options:

user at host~# ./configure --enable-gnutls=yes --enable-nss=no --disable-
gtkui --disable-consoleui --disable-screensaver --disable-sm --without-
x --prefix=/usr

This will compile only libpurple. Otherwise, if you have already
pidgin installed, libpurple is normally present in the /usr/lib or /

I do know the above instructions are for Linux, but still it gave me
the impression that if I have pidgin on my machine, I could
straightaway start working with libpurple, I guess I got it entirely

And as for your suggestion of compiling the extension,
I can see a couple of 'C' files, viz, php_purple.h and purple.c. in my
latest Phurple build downloaded from their site.
So by compiling do you mean that I would need to compile the purple.c
file using something like say  VC++ to get the corresponding DLL?

I read this tutorial:
Didn't understand it completely and I have never worked with VC++
before, but seems like there's a standard procedure that has to be
followed to compile a PHP extension from its source code.

Never ventured into that territory hence the concept is totally alien
as of now. Will probably drop the idea of using Phurple for this
project at least, maybe there's an easier solution which I haven't
come across yet.

Well, thanks anyway for your inputs!! Really appreciate it!



On May 3, 4:01 pm, Kevin Stange <ksta... at> wrote:
> abctech wrote:
> > I read this article to guide me with the installation procedure:
> >
> According to the instructions on that page, there are currently no
> directions for configuring this on Windows, which means that you need to
> figure out how to compile the Phurple bindings against libpurple on
> Windows yourself.  The developer suggests by his wording he doesn't know
> how to do this.  This is also not something we can support here since
> Phurple is a third party project we know little about.
> > I am not sure whether I should copy paste the libpurple.dll in the
> > xampp\php\ext directory and enable it by adding the following line to
> > my php.ini:
> > extension= libpurple.dll
> This won't work because libpurple is not a PHP extension.  It is certain
> Phurple depends upon having libpurple present, but you are going to need
> to compile the extension source from the Phurple distribution against a
> build of the libpurple DLL in order for PHP to be able to utilize it,
> and load the resulting DLL file in your php.ini
> Kevin
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