Problems with MSN protocol ...

Mauro Sergio Ferreira Brasil mauro.brasil at
Tue May 19 08:19:44 EDT 2009

Hello there!

We work here with an open-source application that uses libpurple as 
Instant Messaging infraestructure, and our users are experiencing very 
regular connection problems with MSN protocol for about 1 week or more.
They did tests with Pidgin as well and notice the same condition 
although the official Live Messenger client don't seems to show any 

I've searched the bugtracker and found some indication of the errors 
that occurr mainly with switchboard, notification and contact list servers.

I have appended a log created by our application that in fact dumps the 
logs generated by libpurple, and the main points that should be 
considered are:

1- "ERROR - nss: Handshake failed  (-5961)" - indicates a failure during 
access on contact list server;
2- "ERROR - msn: Connection error from XXX server" - indicates failure 
on XXX server that can be Notification or Switchboard;

I don't have a glue about the causes of the second condition, but the 
change of contact list server from "" to 
"" that occurred short time ago maybe can be the 
reason and the solution to first condition.

Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how to fix those problems 
or updates about what is being done on this matter ?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

*Technology and Quality on Information*
Mauro Sérgio Ferreira Brasil
Coordenador de Projetos e Analista de Sistemas
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