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Wed May 20 17:41:54 EDT 2009

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 3:19 PM, Mauro Sergio Ferreira Brasil
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> Hello there!
> We work here with an open-source application that uses libpurple as Instant
> Messaging infraestructure, and our users are experiencing very regular
> connection problems with MSN protocol for about 1 week or more.
> They did tests with Pidgin as well and notice the same condition although
> the official Live Messenger client don't seems to show any problems.
> I've searched the bugtracker and found some indication of the errors that
> occurr mainly with switchboard, notification and contact list servers.
> I have appended a log created by our application that in fact dumps the logs
> generated by libpurple, and the main points that should be considered are:
> 1- "ERROR - nss: Handshake failed  (-5961)" - indicates a failure during
> access on contact list server;
> 2- "ERROR - msn: Connection error from XXX server" - indicates failure on
> XXX server that can be Notification or Switchboard;
> I don't have a glue about the causes of the second condition, but the change
> of contact list server from "" to ""
> that occurred short time ago maybe can be the reason and the solution to
> first condition.
> Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how to fix those problems or
> updates about what is being done on this matter ?

If you try msn-pecan I'll be glad to investigate those issues (maybe
they are even solved :).

For 1) I've been planning to replace the nexus authentication. The
code is several years old and it's probably riddled with bugs.

For 2) at least msn-pecan has much better error reporting so you can
actually see the details about the error you get.


Felipe Contreras

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