pidgin git clone and mtn2git updated

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Sun May 24 06:16:18 EDT 2009


As per the request of one of your SoC students I've updated
pidgin-clone (in git) and in the process I've also updated mtn2git[1].
Now it's using 'mtn git_export' which was introduced in mtn 0.43.

I released 1.0 which has the old scripts as optional, and 2.0 which
only uses 'mtn git_export'.

There might be a v5 of pidgin-clone with author mappings updated. I
still need to refine the process so that I don't introduce bad authors
in the commits. But after that I don't expect any breakage in the

Ohloh has finally updated it's database to pidgin-clone v4 so you can
now see the latest stats:

== git ftw ==

As it was mentioned before, GNOME has moved to git:

Also Qt:

I digged a bit about projects using monotone and I found that Mamona
migrated to git:

Remobo doesn't seem to be open source any more, and Trig seems to have
lost it's domain.

So the number of projects using mtn continues to grow thin, and git is
becoming de-facto.


Felipe Contreras

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