Shared pidgin releases and vcs-pkg

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Sun May 24 07:13:03 EDT 2009

Hello maintainers of pidgin,

I have a proposal for you.

Personally I do all my package maintainance in git and I find it quite
useful to be able to easily merge upstream and rebase my patches.
There's also the vcs-pkg[1] initiative which has interesting package
maintenance workflows based on git.

So this is my idea: have a repository where all the pidgin releases
are available in a form so that package mantainers can quickly fetch
them. Optionally, each package maintainer can push their patches to
this repository so that other people can easily fetch them, and
perhaps even share patches between distributions!

I've been working on an exact replica of Pidgin's mtn repository. I
believe the latest instance of such task is as good as it's every
going to get (which is quite good :). The tool (mtn git_export) is now
officially part of mtn so everyone can do the conversion themselves
and the results would be identical.

My proposal would be my current pidgin-clone repository. But
alternatively I could create another repository where only the tagged
releases are available, so the size of the repo would be much smaller.
Also, I guess some maintainers might want the tarball contents as
opposed to the versioned files, that could also be versioned in the
same repo.

So, what do you think?


Felipe Contreras

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