Cross-compiling a plugin

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Sun May 24 13:37:55 EDT 2009

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On 5/24/09, GS <gaf.stephanos at> wrote:
> Hello, I wanted to cross-compile my plugin for windows. I followed the
> BuildingWinPidgin instructions and compiled it successfully. Got
> libpurple.dll and libpurple.dll.a in the libpurple directory. I tried to
> link against libpurple.dll.a but i'm getting all the libpurple functions as
> undefined references. It's a C++ plugin.
> Here's my compiling command:
> i586-mingw32msvc-g++ -g -w `pkg-config --cflags pidgin`
> -L/home/win32-dev/gtk_2_0/lib -L/home/pidgin-2.5.5/libpurple -lpurple
> -lglib-2.0 main.cpp -shared -o ~/plugin/plugin.dll
> What am I doing wrong ? I got the linking part from the libfacebook
> makefile.

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