IRC sBNC Problem (Bug?): Can't send messages

Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed May 27 11:59:29 EDT 2009

hangAround spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I would like to use a IRC Bouncer with Pidgin on a private standard  
> IRC-Server. I'am able to connect with the Bouncer, could read the  
> messages from other users and its also posible to type into the input  
> area, but it's not posible to send the message. If i press return or try  
> to use the Button-Plugin nothing happens, it doesn't matter which OS is  
> used. Only if you use the /say command the tipped text is send.
> Is this a already known problem? I didn't found a ticket.

Pidgin works only with bouncers which behave exactly like a standard
IRC server.  Most bouncers do not, and thus Pidgin will not work
properly through them.


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