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Hi Wade,

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> Part of the problem ends up being dependencies, but I
> haven't yet personally looked into seeing of those dependencies (eg:
> glib) have ways to get a working native VS-compiled "managed DLL".
> this worthwhile? isn't necessary for a Windows GUI to
> have the underlying DLL be compiled, but it would made development
> (and debugging) a lot easier.

Have a look at the gstreamer-winbuilds at
to get visual studio versions of all the glib (and others, including
gstreamer if you want to support vv) dlls, with debug symbols.

I was working with that guy to get farsight2 dlls and gstreamer dlls
organised to get Pidgin-vv to work on windows, but need to check out a
newer version of pidgin 2.6.0 than the tarball that I had to see if it
works with that.


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