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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat May 30 15:42:06 EDT 2009

Jani Monoses wrote:
> Those complaints would be justified, as I don't think one should put
> developers' opinion on what is right or wrong in issues which are not at
> all technical in nature before the needs of users. Leave policy (and
> power) to the them.
> Similarly one could argue that any form of encryption should be left out
> of apps because in an ideal world we wouldn't have anything to hide from
> each-other, but nobody really dares do that ;)

I did *not* say we shouldn't support it.  I said that invisibility should not
exist on any protocol.  Yes, it's my opinion, but it's not a policy decision--I
have no control over the design of any protocol.  If people don't like that I
voice my opinion, that's their problem, not mine.  That said, as we are the
authors of the software, if we don't want to implement a feature (whether it's a
policy decision or not), that's our right too.  Take as an example the lack of
support for direct peer-to-peer file transfers in MSN.

Encryption and invisibility are two completely different and not at all related
features/topics.  You might make the argument that they're both privacy
features, but I don't see how that case can be made when invisibility is so
trivially defeated anyway.

But all this is really beside the point of this thread, which was that we need
to polish this yahoo 16 code more before it's called ready for general consumption.


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