how to disable all the logged in accounts auto idle-away?

xin zhuang zhuangxin8448 at
Sun Nov 15 23:25:39 EST 2009

hi, There,
	As I am studying the libpurple from the nullclient, I have this problem of making the accounts "online-forever".to make it work, what I have done:
		 1. set the preference "/purple/away/idle_reporting" as "none" / or anything other than "system" / "purple".		 2. set the preference "/purple/away/away_when_idle" FALSE.		 3. purple_savedstatus_set_idleaway(FALSE); 
	I have checked the function call libpurple/idle/check_idleness(), seems that if I have set "/purple/away/idle_reporting" to something other than "system" / "purple", then the report-idle will be stopped, and by setting "/purple/away/away_when_idle" then the "auto-away" is also disabled, but still I can not stop the accounts from changing to idle after several minutes.	Did I miss something? Any help will be appreciated.

----with regards.

Steven Zhuang
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