Preference window reworking

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Nov 16 10:54:13 EST 2009

Hi, all,

As some of you are aware, I have been spending time working on our prefs window.
 We've recently been getting complaints because the window is too tall to fit on
the short, wide screens common on netbooks.  In that vein, I've been looking at
changes that make our prefs window shorter.  This work has been happening on the
im.pidgin.cpw.rekkanoryo.prefs_window branch.  Coincidentally, even with all
these changes, our prefs window still fits on an 800x600 screen.

Among the notable changes:
  * Tabs moved to the left side.  This gives us room to add more tabs if needed,
    without going back to the old treeview we had in the 1.x.y days.  (If the
    tabs get moved back to the top, the width of the tab row will force the
    pages in the GtkNotebook to be wider than they need to be and add at least
    27 pixels to the height of the window.)
  * Browser tab is now only suppressed on Windows or OS X.
  * Now have a Proxy tab that is always shown.
  * Browser and Proxy tabs each have their own GNOME-specific messages.
  * Moved the port range spinbuttons to be in the same hbox as their controlling
    checkbox. (Network tab)
  * Status/Idle tab and Sounds tab have lost unneeded sections; moved those
    prefs into other sections on the same tab.
  * Smiley Themes tab has been renamed to Themes, and all theme selectors have
    been moved there.  Elliott converted the smiley theme selector to be
    consistent with the other theme selectors.
  * Removed the GNOME document font lookup and the overriding pref for
    conversation windows.  This font can be controlled from the GTK+ Theme
    Control plugin.

As a result of these changes, gtkparasite tells me the prefs window is now
698x492 (WxH), which will fit pretty well on netbook screens and still leave
plenty of extra room on an 800x600 screen.

Thanks to Elliott's work last night, I feel the work is merge-ready, even though
I didn't originally intend it for 2.6.4.  If no one objects, I'd like to merge
these changes in for 2.6.4 before string freeze.


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