Inclusion of MXit plugin into Pidgin

Pieter Loubser Pieter.Loubser at
Wed Nov 25 10:16:39 EST 2009


> John you may have already talked to other devs about this, but I'm
> totally ok with the MXit guys making changes directly to
> im.pidgin.pidgin (you had suggested that they work in a branch, but I
> couldn't tell if you thought they should ALWAYS work in a branch, or
> only for the first release).  And Pieter, if you plan to make any
> substantial changes to libpurple or Pidgin please work with another
> developer to make sure we're familiar with the changes and everyone is
> in agreement.

Currently we are working only on the MXit branch. If we should rather
work on the main pidgin branch just let us know and we will start doing

> Also Pieter, I made a few small changes to your protocol code today in
> im.pidgin.pidgin.  Just marked some strings for translation, got rid
> of a few compile warnings (they maybe only happened on 64bit platforms
> or with certain CFLAGS), maybe a small crash fix when getting an error
> registering a new account, etc.  Please let me know if you have any
> questions.

Yes, thanks we saw and agree with them.

> The only issue that I'm aware of is that struct raw_chunk in chunk.h
> uses "__attribute__ ((packed))" which we believe is a gcc-only
> compiler extension.  So this would break compilation with non-gcc
> compilers.  I suspect that doesn't affect too many people, but it's
> probably worth addressing before we release.  I don't know the best
> way to address it.  Maybe separate the data field out of the struct
> and set type and length separately based on the first few bytes from
> the character array.

We only used gcc compilers. We have fixed it and committed the changes
to the MXit branch. You may also want to check the GG protocol as it
also does some packing of its structs.

We also made some other fixes to the MXit protocol which will be nice to
have included into 2.6.4.



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