Using pidgin to connect to secondlife

Marc Seiler mseiler at
Thu Oct 15 21:44:43 EDT 2009

I saw this message in the archives and was wondering if anyone ever
made a secondlife plugin? Ive looked around a bit and haven't found
anything. I think that a secondlife plugin would bring a lot of people
to pidgin since the SLim client is a really horrible implementation of
a text only client and a lot of the "bots" cost money or just plain
suck. I'd try to take this on myself but with time constraints and my
lack of knowledge in pidgin and the languages you can create plugins
for it make that not really feasible. libsecondlife has been compiled
and works well in many different environments so I think it would
probably work rather well with pidgin. Maybe I could help with the
development/design of such a plugin if someone would be willing to do
the code work :)

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