Inclusion of MXit plugin into Pidgin

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Oct 29 13:17:21 EDT 2009

Pieter Loubser wrote:
> There does not appear to be any other objections, so could you please
> let me know what the next step will be to get this plugin included.

The best thing to do would be to first have at least one person (but preferably
two for backup purposes) from your group familiarize him/herself with monotone.
 We have some basic introductory information at that may be helpful.
Commits from your group to our repository should go on the branch
im.pidgin.pidgin.mxit, which I will create for you(*) to simplify things on our
end.  Of course, we expect that your commits will not touch any code that isn't
the MXit plugin.  When we are ready to string freeze and prep for a release,
your changes can be merged from this branch to im.pidgin.pidgin.

I assume you will want to continue using whatever internal version control
system you are currently using and push batched changes to our tree.  If you
would prefer to just have everyone on your team use monotone, it would probably
be easiest for you guys to set up an internal netsync server and have your
people use that server, then have one or two people who review and sync with

In either event, the people who will be given access to our
netsync server will need to mail me the output of 'mtn pubkey <keyid>' where
<keyid> is the key name they chose.  You will probably want to use your
email addresses as your key ID's for simplicity's sake.

(*) - I'll need input from you guys on where I should grab the source from to
initially incorporate it into our tree.  We'll also need to know what name(s) we
should add to our list of copyright holders--that is, do individual developers
at MXit retain their copyright, or does the company hold the copyright?  If it's
the company, we'll add the company name, otherwise we'll add those developers'
names who we are advised have contributed.


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