Summer of Code Mentor Summit

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Oct 23 22:02:02 EDT 2009

Hi!  We've been participating in Google's Summer of Code[1] for the
past few years.  And for the past few years Google has hosted a
"mentor summit" at the end of each summer.  Google pays for travel and
hotel cost for twoish mentors from each organization to hang out at
Google's Mountain View, CA, USA office for two days and talk about our
experience with summer of code.  It's one of those "unconference"
things.  Mentors share advice with each other in the hopes of doing
things better next year.

This year's mentor summit is this weekend (yes, like, right now), and
we're sending Ethan Blanton (Paco-Paco), Gary Kramlich (grim) and me
(KingAnt)(I'm local).

This email doesn't have much of a purpose, just wanted to keep people
informed...  Also, Ka-Hing or Casey or any other devs who happen to be
in the area, if anyone wants to meet up or anything let me know.

(And my apologies for not sending this email earlier.)



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