Re-enable enters "Away" instead of "Available"?

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Sep 9 14:51:48 EDT 2009

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 1:53 AM, "Peter Valdemar Mørch
(Lists)"<4ux6as402 at> wrote:
> Hi,
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>  Summary
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> I have two computers that both are always on, and with Pidgin always running
> on both.
> When I physically change location to "the other computer", Pidgin shows me a
> screen saying:
> "Welcome back
> 2 accounts were disabled because you signed in from another location
> (MSN and ICQ account icons)"
> I then hit the Re-enable button, expecting to get "Available" at this new
> location. I end up as a mixture of "Available" and "Away" - my contacts see
> me as "Away" but pidgin shows me as Available.
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>  Details
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> After hitting Re-enable, the bottom of the "Buddy List" windows shows me as
> "Available" in the drop down status thingy, but I show up to my contacts as
> "Away". 1) They tell me, and 2) I've added myself as a contact for my MSN
> account so I can see myself in my buddy list too.
> Now, to really be Available, I have to:
> * Select "Away" from the status drop down menu
> * Delete the default message
> * Select "Available" from the status drop down menu
> only then am I shown as "Available" to other users.
> This only occurs if the machine I re-enable indeed has been idle for some
> time (e.g. I've been at work for 8 hours). Quickly renabling on two machines
> works fine.
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>  Is there a bug?
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> My expectation is that my status should be the same in the drop down status
> menu thingy and in the buddy list (which is the status my contacts actually
> see). I expect that this status should be "Available" after re-enabling, as
> I never manually set myself to be away.

Yes, the status should be the same in the drop down status menu thingy
and in the buddy list.  It might be interesting to see if you have
this same problem when only one account is enabled.  I also suspect
this is related to the auto-away when idle preference--I'm assuming
you have it enabled?

> I've been seeing this for a long time. Currently on Pidgin 2.6.1 on Ubuntu
> 8.10. My colleague on Windows is experiencing this too (no idea about his
> version, tho). I've tried unsuccessfully to find it via:
> I'm be happy to file a bug report, just thought I'd ask first here.

That might be good.  The more concise the better, if you're able to
narrow things down to a set of short steps needed to reproduce.

> Also the debug log contains all my contacts' details. Is there a simple way
> to anonymize it? I'm not thrilled about putting the details of all my
> contacts up on the net... Of course I can create a dummy user and replicate
> the scenario to create a debug log if that is what it takes and is needed.

I know of no simple way.


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